Let the mountains talk, let the rivers run. Once more and forever

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Ejaz The Man

  • He is the best tour guide/ driver/ friend one could ask for.
  • He will help you negotiate on prices around Skardu.
  • He is a family man who works really hard to earn bread for his family.
  • He is jolly and innocent at the same time.
  • He understands English pretty well and has a funny accent.
  • His dance skills are always on point
  • He likes to learn curse words (haha).

Overall he knows Skardu inside out and would take you anywhere even in the middle of a night.

Destination From The Road

Skardu In a

Nut Shell

Skardu is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan thanks to its unique landscape and beautiful Balti culture. The city has its own airport, making the region significantly more accessible than other places in northern Pakistan. Spend a couple of days exploring all of Skardu’s natural and cultural sites and don’t forget to try all the delicious Balti food that you can find.